What Kind Of Travel Photographer Are You?Do you think there is only one travel photography style? Think again, pal. Travel photography is very diverse, and the types of photos you take when you travel are all different. I doubt you travel and only take photos of temples. You probably also take photos of markets, beautiful scenery, and fascinating people you see. And each of these subjects requires you to tap into different skill sets and techniques. So, you see? There are many kinds of travel photography. What is your travel photography style? As you go over the different kinds of travel photography styles below, think about which one (or more) describes you.

What’s your travel photography style?

1 Landscape

Landscape photographers enjoy being in nature and photographing mountain ranges, jungly forests, vast deserts, and waterfall. If you enjoy getting away from people, the cities, and the noise to take your photos in peace, you might be a landscape travel photographer.

2 Architecture

When you look through your travel photo albums, do you mainly see magnificent buildings and intricate details. This kind of travel photographer enjoys structures, details, carvings, and man-made wonders. You enjoy the challenge of working with light and shadows to make building appear dramatic. Nice.

travel photography style

3 Photojournalist

Photojournalists, or documentary photographers, take photos that capture the culture, life, and struggles of a people. Documentary photos can be extremely powerful and make strong statements. You may need to do some soul-searching though, and decide whether your photos are informative or exploitative. This travel photography style is a tricky one…

4 Street

Do you love catching people in beautifully candid moments on foreign (to you) streets? And sometimes chatting with them afterward and sharing the photo with them? You might be a street travel photographer, and I commend you for your bravery.

travel photography style street

5 Poser

Are all your photos of you standing in front of something? If so, did you even take those photos? Probably you asked someone else to take them, right. Or you used a tripod and remote shutter. Anyway, I call this the poser. That’s cool because I guess that’s what gets all the likes on Instagram and stuff, right? But you might want to branch out a bit.

6 Selfie

What’s the subject of many of your travel photos? If your travel photos include heaps of your own smiling mug at close range, with a castle or ocean or something behind you, you might be a selfie travel photographer. That’s cool, but you might want to branch out a bit. (Yep, I know I just repeated myself.)

7 Wildlife

Along the same lines as a landscape travel photographer, this kind of travel photographer enjoys getting away from *ugh* people, and being with nature. You love the challenge that comes with trying to take the perfect photo of a lion on safari or a bird in the Amazon. You’re probably a patient and sensitive person, too.

8 Underwater

This kind of travel photographer requires unique knowledge, skills, and equipment. I don’t have experience with underwater photography (except for the one disposable, single-use camera I took with me to Hawaii ten years ago). This is a fascinating type of travel photography because it is unique. Underwater travel photographers photograph the things we pretty much never get the chance to see. Awesome.

travel photography style underwater

9 Food

Isn’t food one of the main reasons why we travel. Yeah, I know it is. If you really love food, like really love food, you might be a food travel photographer. You might even be a travel/food blogger, and combine your two loves for the world to see. Photographing food means paying attention to light, reflections, and the background so you don’t get anything weird distracting the viewer.

10 Astrophotographer

An astrophotographer is like a next level night photographer. You take photos in near complete darkness, and your subject is the sky and everything in it. This requires an absolutely steady camera (i.e. tripod), and a looooong exposure. Astrophotographers require skill, patience, and warm clothes, but the final photos of the Milky Way are worth it. You take the photos that make people swoon.

11 Drone

I’ve been drooling over drone photos and videos. This is a much newer travel photography style, and it’s not cheap. But the photos and videos can be phenomenal, and I desperately want a drone.

12 Cliche

Last, we have the cliche travel photographer. This is the person who loves taking photos out the airplane window, holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, kissing the Sphinx, or taking jump shots at the Uyuni Salt Flats. Personally, I’m not a fan of these types of travel photos, as I think they lack creativity and they’re not that funny. But, to each their own.

So which travel photography style is the best?

Now, now, do you really think I can tell you which kind of travel photography style is better than the others. I can’t! They are all different and unique and special in their own way. The types I mentioned above are not in any order, …but there is a reason I put cliche photos last.

Taking travel photos, you might find yourself leaning more toward one or two types of photography that you enjoy the most, but you will still come back with a variety of photos. You might have a predominance of ocean photos, but you will still have photos of the castles, temples, street life, or people.

Maybe your the kind of travel photographer who takes all kinds of photos and puts them together in a photo essay.

travel photography style

To call yourself a travel photographer, no matter your skill level, you need knowledge in several styles of photography. In some cases, some techniques will overlap, and some are more relevant than others. Such is the beauty of travel photography. There is so much to learn, so many things to photograph, and endless possibilities of ways to make your photos beautiful.

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As you can see, there are many travel photography style. Travel photography encompasses many different specialities and interests, and we all have our own preferences when we take travel photos. Each one requires different skills, and even different personalities, and none are inherently better than the others.

What’s your travel photography style?

What Kind Of Travel Photographer Are you?


  1. I am definitely a landscape photo-taker…. I love the idea of photojournalism but I never know when I cross the line if I take pics of the locals going about their way of life so I tend to stick to landscape and architecture!

    • I totally get what you mean, Panda. Good photojournalism is powerful, but it can also be hard. You need a special kind of bravery and confidence to do it well.

  2. Oh now with digital photography we’ve become a little of each! Because each shot is now free, we’ve become a lot more liberal

    • Yes, that’s true too, and I think it’s great. Because we can just delete a photo if it doesn’t look nice, and fill up a memory card with hundreds of photos, we can experiment to our hearts content!

      • True. But as some pointed out in our posts, quality levels might come down because it seems less of an effort to optimize each shot! What do you think?

        • Hmm, I suppose that could be true too. But I think it will depend on the person. If it is someone who cares about taking nice photos, then I don’t think quality will drop. Quality should improve because you can take a photo, immediately see what you can fix, and then take it again and again. But again, only if someone cares. I care, and I’m proud of a lot of my photos šŸ™‚

          • That’s true. But we believe some were referring to the fact that with film previously, there is a limit due to cost and each shot had to be taken with care. But it is a good development with digital, because we all can experiment!

    • Thank you! I can’t stop playing with it! I keep changing the colours, layout, design, and everything. I know I should leave it alone, but I’m never satisfied with how it looks. I’m happy to hear you like it though. I’ll try and keep my hands off it…

  3. I think there is no best one. It all depends on the situation and place. I can be all of the above except drone photography since I don’t use a drone. The main thing is to capture the essence of the moment.

    • You’re right, travel photographers are, by their nature, all of the above! None are better than the other. Though we each have our specialities and preferences, too. šŸ™‚

  4. I dunno. I fit into quite a few of the above. I suspect I’m an annoyance to Jim though, who has to stand around waiting for me!

    • I think I do too. We probably all do. But you know, that’s one of the (many) reasons I prefer to travel alone than with other people. I can spend hours at one place taking a million different photos, but I get worried that I’m taking too long and making people annoyed. My husband doesn’t mind though, so that’s different.

  5. What a lovely idea to categorise the travel photographer into these various brackets. The last few made me snicker but hmm you have a valid point there my friend! I have no idea what category I fit into. What about you? xx

    • I don’t really know about myself. I don’t want to box myself into any one of them, ya know šŸ˜‰ I guess things like landscapes and nature, architecture and cultural things, and stuff like that. It’s hard for me to take photos of people, including myself.

  6. Hours and Miles Reply

    I’m the “takes way too many pictures and is stuck editing them for weeks afterwards” photographer lol.

    • Haha, yeah pretty much. I end up at that spot too. Though it’s probably a better problem to have than not having enough photo, which also happens sometimes..

  7. Iā€™m definitely an architecture photogtapher! ???ā€ā™€ļø

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