My second travel blogger interview where I share my answers to six travel related questions.

I was asked by Imam at the Wandering Travlr to participate in her blog segment called Unfiltered: unraveling truths about traveling. She asked me a few questions to get my perspectives on travel. I am very thankful for this opportunity. Here’s a snippet below of the travel blogger interview.


It’s time for another episode of my new blog segment, Unfiltered: Unraveling Truths About Traveling, where I ask bloggers, vloggers, and the like questions about traveling in order to share with you their perspectives and opinions.
Without further ado, let me introduce to you all to the next guest on this blog segment:
Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to take part in this blog segment!
* * *
What has been the most surreal place you have visited? What made it so magical?
I loved the Grand Canyon. It is huge and colourful and ancient, and it left me speechless. It also left me breathless because I hiked down and back up.And the top of Mt. Fuji. This was another challenging hike, but so worth it in the end. I also went into the Himalayas for a few days in India. This was very remote and peaceful and a welcome respite from the craziness of India.
It seems that the places that stand out the most to me as being magical are the ones that I need to work for. The ones that require challenging hikes. I guess the times when I have had to push myself physically. I’m not an avid hiker in my spare time, but when I travel I seem to go on some pretty adventurous treks.


That’s only one question. I answered a few more on her blog. To read the rest of my travel blogger interview, head over here.

Thanks again, Imam!

Travel Blogger Interview - Six Truths about Traveling

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  1. It was so lovely having you as a guest on this segment! Thank you for taking part in it! 😄~Iman

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