Spring has only just started, but it practically feels like summer here in Nagoya! Yesterday was an unbelievable 26 degrees. I think I may have gotten mild heatstroke, if it’s even possible to get heatstroke at 26 degrees. I don’t remember if March came in like a lion, but it is surely going out like a lamb.

My husband was fortunate to get two days off work, meaning he has a four-day weekend before work starts up again in April. So we spent yesterday re-exploring a nearby castle. We went to Inuyama Castle because I wanted to see it when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Since this spring has been warmer than normal, the cherry blossoms have reached full bloom about a week earlier than they normally would. In Nagoya, they usually peak sometime in the beginning of April. Today is supposed to be windy though, so a lot of them will probably start to fall. That’s also very beautiful though because it looks like a pretty pink snow.

Anyway, back to Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle is one of the oldest original castles in Japan and only about 30 minutes away from me. I’ve already been there twice before, but not in spring. We left in the morning and walked up an old-style little street that leads to the castle in Inuyama city. The street has a lot of small restaurants and shops and quick snack places.

As the castle came into view, it looked really cool with the pink and white cherry blossoms lining the street below. It’s on a bit of a hill, but nothing like a huge hike. Just a little hill, giving the old-time samurai a good lookout over the street and the river.

The inside of Inuyama Castle is still old original wood with steep stairs. We didn’t go inside because we’ve already been twice, and the purpose of this trip was to see cherry blossoms. So we just walked around the bottom taking photos of the castle behind the trees and eating ice cream. It was a fun morning and nice to do something with my husband during the week.

But this wasn’t the first castle I went to this week

I also went to Nagoya Castle two days earlier! I recently wrote about 8 cool places to see cherry blossoms in Nagoya. One of the places I wrote about was Nagoya Castle, even though I hadn’t been there. Well, it was time to change that. So I finally went to Nagoya Castle during cherry blossom season, and let me tell you – it was beautiful! I was expecting it to be just regular pretty, but it was a lot prettier than I was expecting.

There were so many varieties of cherry blossoms of different colours. And there was a bounce house shaped like Nagoya Castle, which was really cute. I’m thinking about publishing a blog post just on Nagoya Castle during cherry blossom season…

But in the meantime, here is a photo of Inuyama Castle from yesterday.

Inuyama Castle

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  1. Two castles in a week, along with cherry blossoms, ice cream and, most importantly, the husband — you are making good on that spring wishlist! 🙂 xx

  2. I like Inuyama castle. Did you go up to the top? The step is very steep and you have to be careful try not to hit your head with the beam. 😄

    • I didn’t go this time. I’ve been two times before this and those times went to the top. The stairs are so steep and slippery. And easy to bump my head! But it’s really cool inside.

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