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Japanese convenience stores always have limited edition and seasonal snacks and drinks. It’s fun because the flavours are always changing, and there’s always something new to try.

Sometimes they are repeats, like everything sakura (cherry blossom) flavour around spring; and sometimes they are are only a one-time thing, like the mint milk tea that I was tempted to buy out the entire store because it was so yummy.

There are two treats that I would like to share today.
The first seasonal snacks is the sakura frappuccino and latte from Starbucks.

Starbucks often has a new flavour, but sakura comes around every year. And it is delicious.

sakura frappuccino

I’m not sure how someone made the sakura taste though. The trees don’t produce any fruit. Unless people eat the petals…?

Anyway, I usually get the frappuccino, but I was feeling cold the other day and got the latte instead. As expected, it was delicious. I will try the frappuccino soon before it is gone.

The second is something I found in the convenience store.

I believe it’s called Omochi, though it is different than the traditional mochi you find here. This particular snack is a little ball of mochi on the outside, and the inside another ball of chocolate ganache. This snack is always coming out with new flavours as well.

The one I just found is custard pudding flavour. But I especially liked it because of the character on the box. The character is Gudetama, which means “lazy egg.” This character is popular right now, and is on lots of different products: phone cases, school supplies, etc.

Look closely at the egg yokes in this picture. I think they are so cute and funny.

gudetama mochi
See the little egg yoke bum? And the one touching its toes?

Do you have a favourite limited edition or seasonal snacks?

PS. As I post this, I am on my way to Okinawa with my husband. We are off to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary at the hotel where we got engaged. Then we’ll spend a couple days with his family. Blog posts about Okinawa coming soon!



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  3. Brian Detwiler Reply

    Hey happy anniversary guys! Must be like the pumpkin spice lattes they come out every fall here!

  4. Wow they look cool, I’d love to try a sakura latte (even if I’m not a starbucks fan). looking forward to reading about Okinawa, have an amazing time!

  5. Happy anniversary! Have an awesome trip 🙂 – i love the cold mochi 💕 And the green tea ones and so many other ones 😋 Right now am into this fruit… my post is getting out today!

  6. Have a loverly anniversary you 🙂 I want to ask more than one question after reading that but I think I shall not be a pesky child on your anniversary weekend. But it was a tastebud tantalising kinda post. Have a ball! x

  7. The little bum and toe toucher are cute! Seems Starbucks spans the entire planet today.

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