A Singapore airport free city tour is a great way to spend long layover. On my way to India from Japan, I had a stopover at Singapore’s Changi Airport for about eight hours.

As I searched the website for any kind of attractions or things to do inside the airport, I spotted a Singapore airport free city tour service for those on connecting flights. And they were free!

Excited for the possibility to leave the airport, I checked my flight times, and confirmed that a tour would depart in the window of time that I would be there. I would be able to do the last tour of the day.

There was nothing left to do at this point, as registration takes place on the day of the tour. Anyway, I would be able to see a little bit of Singapore.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I had just arrived in Changi Airport.

I was in a good mood too because on the flight from Japan, a young male flight attendant moved me to an empty row. I don’t know why he did this, but I want to believe it was his way of flirting with me. Also, desert was Häagen Dazs mango cheesecake ice cream with my meal. Props to Singapore Airlines.

I found the tour counter and registered for the Singapore airport free city tour during the last time slot. Then after walking around for a while, I found a place to sit and kill a couple hours.

When it was time to go, I went back to the counter and soon we were on our way. I got a stamp in my passport and followed the tour guide to the bus.

The tour took us through the city, and I was surprised to see so many trees and gardens in such a small island country. The guide explained the history and some facts about Singapore.

We went through the Colonial District and then the Central Business District. Then we got off the bus for 20 minutes at the Merlion Park. The Merlion is the national icon of Singapore. I took my tourist photos and wandered around the area before going back to the bus.


After this, we drove through Chinatown and Little India. It was getting dark now, and I couldn’t make out anything super interesting from the bus. Too bad we didn’t have a chance to stop and walk through some of the smaller side streets. Chinatown and Little India must be interesting.

I learned that Singapore is very multicultural, and the three people who make up the population are Chinese, Indian, and Malay. I didn’t know that.

According to the airport website, the tour should also have made another 20-minute stop at the Malay heritage centre. I guess we didn’t have enough time though because we didn’t get to do this. Too bad.

The bus brought us back to the airport, and we all got off and headed back in. I still had a bit of time, so I walked around the airport and got some dinner before going through security. I may have had enough time to take the subway a short distance and see something, but I was too afraid that I would get lost or underestimate distances and end up missing my flight. In the end, I stayed at the airport.


Changi Airport has two free tours, the Heritage Tour and the City Sights Tour. I did the Heritage Tour, which was two hours. They say you need at least 5.5 hours between connecting flights, and you must be a transit passenger.

Sure, I mostly just sped through the country on a bus without getting to experience much up close. But the tour guide had a lot of information, and I learned a bit about Singapore. And I did officially walk around in Singapore, so I can say that I’ve been there. Yes.

If you have more that 5.5 hours’ transit through Singapore, I recommend checking if you can do one of the Singapore airport free city tours. It would be a much more interesting option than hanging around inside the airport in between flights.


Unfortunately, in my photo pickiness, I have deleted many of the few photos I had in the first place because I thought they were not very good. All I have left now are a couple photos of the Merlion…



Do you think this counts as me going to Singapore? Let me know opinion in the comments below.

Also, if you happen to be passing through Singapore, try and catch a ride on a Singapore airport FREE city tour!

Thanks for reading!



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  2. I’m really glad you liked my recent post because I got to know your blog. Now I have another interesting one to follow 🙂 When you come back to Singapore, you should definitely stay a few days. We have some pretty interesting stuff here.

    – amor

  3. Really really been enjoying your content since I discovered your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I was able to find you!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you discovered it and are enjoying it. I haven’t written anything about my trip to Easter Island though. I’m mentally not ready for that yet.

    • I saw that, thank you! You’re too kind. Yes, I did move my blog. How did you know it was SiteGround? It’s a bit of a learning curve figuring out all the technical stuff, but so far it’s going alright. It’s quite a bit of work right off the bat though. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • Expert detective at work. Tee hee. You had posted about it and pointed out Rachel’s blog to your readers, if you remember. She had emphasised upon SiteGround. I can spot the difference in your layout too. There seems to be subtle changes or am I wrong? I have been reading up on it. I just have to take a deep breath and then take the plunge.

        • I do remember posting that. Though that’s not the reason why I chose SiteGround. And yes, I have changed my layout. I bought a premium theme (50% off) because I couldn’t find a free one that I liked. This one seems nice so far, don’t you think? That would be wonderful if you decided to join me in the vast world of self-hosting.

          • Thanks for the premium theme tip. I will probably go for that if I end up with SiteGround. I am unfortunately quite slow with these set-ups. I really like yours. It is inspiring. I might just give in 🙂 x

          • Thank. I’m happy with my theme so far, though there is still a lot of things to learn about having your own blog. It’s kind of fun though. Let me know if you decide to do it too, or if you have any questions. Turns out, you aren’t completely cut off from the Reader either.

  4. What a great experience! I need to start looking at options when I get stuck on long layovers (which seems more and more frequent).

    And yes, it absolutely counts! 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t even know free city tours from the airport were a thing. Makes me wonder what else is out there. Let me know if you find anything in your travels.

  5. CarolMay Fiorini Reply

    Definitely counts as being in Singapore! Such a great layover idea! Tours are a tasty tidbit of traveling!

  6. oh, it definitely counts!! I didn’t know about this tour and anything that’s FREE? Sign me up! hahaha. If i’m ever traveling through, I will make sure I have a looooong layover so I can take advantage of this 🙂

    • Jennifer (Stewie) Reply

      I’m glad you agree with me. I was pretty happy when I found I could see a bit of the country and not just kill time in the airport. And for free.

    • Jennifer (Stewie) Reply

      Thank you ? I couldn’t find a free theme that I liked, but I found a premium one for 50% off. Seems nice so far. And yeah, it was a long time to wait in the airport. I’m glad I found something cool to do.

  7. Welcome to my little corner of the world 🙂 Ah, you should have told me you were stopping by Singapore.

    • Jennifer (Stewie) Reply

      …this was almost four years ago. Singapore seemed lovely though. I would have liked to walk around and do some exploring and eating.

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