There’s something special about exploring your own backyard. Perhaps not your literal backyard, unless you are about three years and climbing gnarly trees in your “monkey jungle.” But the backyard that is the city in which you live. There’s something grand about taking the time out of your day to see your own city as a tourist.

Just as growing up in one place causes you to ignore so many attractions that draw people from around the world, the same thing happens when you live abroad for some number of years. After some time, you start to take these attractions for granted. After being tour guide to so many out-of-country guests, it becomes easy to put these places out of mind for a while.

Case in point – Nagoya Castle

Now, I’ve been to Nagoya Castle around ten times, which is probably about nine or ten times more than most people who visit Japan. And I do love it. It is a magnificent work of architecture that towers over you with it’s emerald green gables and slated windows. But I had never been during Japan’s cherished cherry blossom season, and this fact was always in the back of my mind nagging me.

My reasoning was that I thought it would be too crowded to be enjoyable, with throngs of people and selfie sticks. So when I finally crossed this off my Nagoya list, I was pleased on several fronts. It was not nearly as crowded as I was expecting. And the Nagoya Castle cherry blossoms made the castle even more regal than I thought it would. I didn’t doubt it would be pretty, but I was expecting only a slight increase in “pretty” factor. Medium expectations gave Nagoya Castle during cherry blossom season much room to impress. And impress it did.

Photo essay: Nagoya Castle cherry blossoms

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    • I’m glad too. It’s very pretty during cherry blossom season. Your story also inspired me to finally see it during this time of year!

  1. Stunning! I was fortunate to visit Japan during cherry blossom time and I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.

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