I love using my iPhone as a travel camera. For a while after getting my iPhone, I used it as a backup to my DSLR. But more and more I’m finding myself relying it as my main travel camera. The truth is, your iPhone is a great camera for travel. And it’s about to get even better with these accessories. Here are 7 important iPhone camera accessories that will make your iPhone even more powerful. Make sure you pack a few of these for your next trip so you can take cool travel photos.

NOTE: Some of these accessories can be used for any type of smartphone, while others are made for specific models. Before buying any accessories please make sure it will work with your particular brand and model of smartphone.

Disclosure: Links below marked with an (*) are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I only suggest products I’ve used or would consider using.

iPhone accessories for travel photos

7 iPhone camera accessories to help you take better travel photos

1 Lens kit

The iPhone itself doesn’t have an adjustable lens. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a bit more oomph. There are loads of lens kits on the market right now and include wide-angle, telephoto, fisheye, and macro lenses.

Moment* has made a name for themselves as one of the top iPhone and Galaxy lenses. There is a very nice selection of lenses, cases, and other equipment, like battery cases, for your smartphone. Everything is sleek and good quality, so you are getting a solid piece of camera gear for your smartphone.

Another is Olloclip, which is one of the first companies to grace us with smartphone lenses. These are clip-on lenses that slide onto the top of your iPhone. The  Olloclip* lenses come in several sets, including a Core set, Macro set, and Vista set. Each lens set has two or three lenses already build it. These lenses are priced around the $80-100 mark meaning they don’t break the bank or skimp on quality. Here is a video review of the Olloclip Core Lens set for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

2 Tripod

As you start to take more creative iPhone travel photos, you might find yourself in want of  tripod. For quite a while I had no interest in a tripod. It was when I realized I could do creative long exposure photos on my iPhone that I found myself wanting one. Now I have two tripods. One is this large Hakuba tripod* with a smartphone mount*. And the other is a small bendy one similar to a Joby GorillaPod*.

A small tripod is great for travel, but when I can I often prefer to use the large tripod. It’s a lot more sturdy, although it does take up more space. Keep in mind, the large and small tripod above also work with a DSLR, if that matters to you. I’m definitely happy I invested in a tripod for my iPhone – they are great iPhone camera accessories.

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3 Remote shutter

If you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, you already have a remote shutter you might not know about. I mention it in this post, Getting Started with Travel iPhoneography. Plug in your Apple earbuds to the earphone jack, and the volume buttons work as a remote shutter. This works great with a tripod and in lowlight conditions.

However, this only allows you to take photos when you are within reach of your iPhone. It means you cannot set your iPhone up and walk ahead of it to take a photo. (You could set the timer, but then you’d end up with 10 photos.) Instead you might want this bluetooth remote shutter*, which works with most smartphones. If you want to take landscape photos with you in them, you might want to get a remote shutter.

4 Battery charger

A battery charger is pretty important for iPhone camera accessories. When you are travelling all day you might have times when your iPhone battery is dangerously low. Especially when you are taking lots of cool travel photos or using different camera apps. A good batter charger can make the difference taking any photos at all during the second half of your day. This Anker battery  charger* charges in 10 hours, and can charge an iPhone 6s over 7 times. Seems like a good deal to me. When you are planning a full day of travel photos, don’t forget to include a battery charger in your packing list.

5 Mobile printer

This one looks like a lot of fun. It is a mobile printer for your iPhone or other smartphone photos. This Picket printer* lets you connect your smartphone via its own app so  you can print in 2×3 prints. The photo quality is supposed to be great, and the photos are protected with lamination. It even lets you customize your photos with the app before you print them. Add this to your list of travel iPhone camera accessories, and print your photos as you go.

6 Durable case

A list on iPhone camera accessories would not be complete without mentioning a case. As simple as it is, a good sturdy case is very important if you will be travelling and using your iPhone. You want s strong case that will protect your phone from a drop on concrete or getting smashed as you get in and out of a rickshaw.

These Otterbox iPhone cases are great if you need to protect your iPhone from the elements and your outdoor adventures. The Defender series* protects your iPhone from bumps, scratches, drops, and dust and boasts several layers of protection. It even has a screen protecter (though not the iPhone X model).

One thing to keep in mid when using a case – some clip-on lenses do not work with a case. If you are thinking about using both a case and lenses, make sure you know whether or not they will work together. You may need to take the case off to use the lenses.


7 Selfie light

If you’re into selfies, like really into selfies, you might be interested in a selfie light. This Criacr Selfie Ring Light* is a light you attach to the top of your iPhone and is supposed to give better light than your phone’s flash. The light is rechargeable, portable, and has three levels of light intensity. Just pop it into your day bag, and you’re ready for selfies in front of whatever *insert landmark* you will be visiting that day.

7 iPhone camera accessories to help you take better travel photos

While your iPhone really is a great all-round camera, you don’t need to limit yourself to what is built in. There are lots of iPhone camera accessories and add-ons that will help you take better travel photos. They might help you keep your phone safe, improve the picture quality, or give you more creative photography options. Consider investing in a couple iPhone camera accessories can be a fun investment in your smartphone travel photography.

And if you need a cloud-based photo storage and sharing system, I recently heard about a platform called Yogile. You can share photos with family and friends with a personalized URL. Or you can keep the URL private. I noticed that you can only keep photos for 7 days with the free account though, so that’s something to keep in mind. I haven’t tried it, but please tell me if you have tried this system and if it’s something you would recommend.

Now, let me know – Do you have a favourite iPhone camera accessory that has drastically improved the quality of your iPhone travel photos? Share your finds in the comment section below!


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