Fall Leaves In Japan
Fall is a wonderful time of year in Japan because it is no longer sweltering hot, the humidity has dropped, and it is not wintery cold yet. You can also see fiery red maple leaves and gold gingko leaves! Watching fall leaves in Japan is called koyo or momiji, and lasts from October to November. However, Japan is quite vast when it comes to climate, and the time to see fall leaves in each region varies. This post will you the best times to see fall leaves in different parts of the country, so you can plan your autumn trip accordingly.

I also have a small collection of photos from my momijigari (fall leaves hunting) trip to Okazaki Park in Aichi!

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When to see fall leaves in Japan

Although Japan is small, the climate and seasons vary by region. Hokkaido and northern Honshu have cold winters, heavy snowfalls, and mild summers. And even though the rest of Honshu is quite hot and humid in the summers, winter season varies. Okinawa is hot enough the whole year, there are no fall leaves, as my Okinawan husband tells me.

A bit like cherry blossom season, watching fall leaves in Japan is popular fall activity for Japanese people and foreigners. Though perhaps not so drunken. The air is crisper, and I think people are generally happy that summer is over.

There are two popular types of leaves that draw a crowd: maple leaves and gingko. The maple leaves are small compared with North American maple leaves, and they turn a bright red that lights up the whole tree. The gingko leaves, which personally I prefer, are fan shaped and turn a rich golden yellow. The only downside to the gingko trees is they also drop nuts/seeds onto the ground. If you step on them, they smell like cat pee. The red maple leaves are pretty, but I like the yellow gingko leaves.

If you are coming to Japan during the fall and want to see the fall leaves, check the guide below  to make sure you will be in the right place at the right time.

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Here is table with where to see fall leaves in Japan by region and by place

Regions of Japan
Source: Travel with Amnet

When to see fall leaves in Japan by region

RegionWhen to view fall leaves
HokkaidoLate September to late October
TohokuEarly October to early November
KantoLate October to early December
ChubuLate October to early December
KansaiEarly November to early December
ChugokuEarly November to late November
ShikokuMid November to early December
KyushuEarly November to late November
PlaceWhen to view fall leaves
TokyoLate November to early December
KamakuraMid November to early December
NikkoEarly October to mid November
Mt. Fuji areaEarly November to early December
HakoneEarly November to late November
Alpine Route TateyamaEarly October to mid November
TakayamaMid October to mid November
KanazawaEarly November to mid November
AichiEarly November to late November
NagoyaMid November to early December
KyotoMid November to early December
ArashiyamaLate November to early December
OsakaMid November to early December
NaraEarly November to early December
KoyasanLate October to mid November
Miyajima (Hiroshima)Early November to late November

Finding fall leaves in your Japanese backyard

You don’t have to go to the most popular places to see fall leaves in Japan. Places like Kiyomizudera in Kyoto or Kamakura near Tokyo might be nice, but they will also be crowded. Remember, there will be fall leaves in smaller attractions, at parks, and just around the cities. Here are a few photos from a momijigari trip I took at a park just outside of Nagoya. It was full of red leaves, but not full of people. I also saw an elephant and a turtle because why not? There’s also a photo of a cool orange tree, and a small street covered with gingko leaves.

Autumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkAutumn Leaves Okazaki ParkturtleAutumn Leaves In JapanAutumn Leaves In Japan

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Final thoughts

Autumn is a great time to visit Japan because the weather is finally comfortable, and you can see beautiful fall leaves. If your goal is to watch fall leaves, make sure you check with the table above so you will be in the right place at the right time.

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What is your favourite place to watch fall leaves?


When To See Autumn Leaves In Japan


  1. Oh the photographs and the leaves. They are even more charming than flowers…I could gather them in my arms and shower myself with ’em. Where are your husband and you off to see the foliage?
    On another note, I have not smelt cat pee yet. Am I missing out? 😛 xx

    • We haven’t planned anything yet. We’ll see how not-lazy we are in November, then maybe we’ll go somewhere. You’ve never smelled cat pee in your whole life? It’s strong, and for some reason these seeds stink like it.

    • I agree, they are both very beautiful but so different. I hope you can come back to Japan some time the fall and see the red and yellow leaves!

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