Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In OkinawaThe Busena Terrace Resort is a luxurious place to spend an anniversary or an indulgent weekend. Which is just what my husband and I did for our five-year anniversary. On the clear blue waters of Busena beach, water activities, leisure, spas, and fine dining are at your fingertips. The Busena Terrace Resort will be a stay you won’t soon forget. In this post, i’ll share all about the Busena Terrace Resort and why it is a great place for a special weekend or holiday in Okinawa. Disclaimer: I call this the top resort in Okinawa because it is the only resort in Okinawa to which I have been. It is my top pick from a selection of one. 🙂

Guide to Okinawa’s Busena Terrace Resort

The Busena Terrace Resort is a couple hours from Naha Airport in the southern part of Okinawa. It is near Nago city in the north. The hotel is part of a larger hotel complex/club area, so you pass through a security gate to get into the resort. We drove to the entrance where staff greeted us and valet parked our car. My husband told the staff his name, and we waited in the beautiful lobby with large open doors that faced  Busena beach.

Another woman brought us a warm shikuwasa (a small green citrus fruit, not a lime) drinks while we waited. At this point, both of us were impressed with the service and the staff and the yummy drink. A few minutes later, someone came back and asked for some receipt of our booking because they couldn’t find my husband’s on their list. Oh yeah! I booked it with my name, not my husband’s. I wonder if they thought we were trying to scam a room out of them. Anyway, we sorted it out, and they were wonderful the whole time.Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

The rooms at Busena Terrace Resort

Since arriving, we hadn’t touched our luggage. Two staff showed us to our room. Although you shouldn’t tip in Japan, we wondered if a five-star hotel was an exception. After a bit of stressing, we ended up not tipping them. Later we were reassured when we read in the information book in our room that we didn’t need to. A service charge is applied to our final bill. Phew. The staff left, and we were left to our room. The room was spacious, clean, bright, well equipped, and had a perfect view of the beach and the ocean. I was happy with the fridge that was so well stocked. Of course, the food and drinks were not free, but I had some things anyway. Candy. I had candy. The bathroom had a cool sliding window as well.

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Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

The pretty pools at Busena Terrace Resort

We unpacked a little and poked around out the room for a bit. Soon we walked down to the outdoor pool area to explore the hotel and see what a five-star resort is like. There were two outdoor pools with a waterslide, but they were closed for now and wouldn’t be open until 1 April. Pity.

Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

There was also an indoor pool that was open, a gym, a spa and Japanese-style onsen, shops, and several restaurants in our building. The hotel is right on the beach, and although it was too cold to swim, there were a few ocean activities to enjoy this time of year, such as underwater observatory or glass-bottom boat at the Busena Marine Park. Busena beach is not privately owned, so non-hotel guests are free to enjoy ocean activities and restaurants.

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At the Busena Terrace Resort there is a large hotel and a more private club house area and conference area. There is a tennis court, and putting range for guests to use as well. The walk between the hotel and the conference area only takes five minutes, but there is a shuttle the runs in between different points as well.

We couldn’t enter the conference area, but we walked around it. The private cottages were even more romantic-looking than the hotel, and the outsides had an Okinawa-style of building.

We spent the rest of the evening checking out the different restaurants, looking at the ocean, and walking around the rest of the resort. Although we weren’t hungry because we had a late lunch, we made reservations at the Chinese restaurant. But later, we decided to cancel and get room service instead. I had taco rice and my husband had a burger and fries.

Saying goodbye to the Busena Terrace Resort

I sadly said “goodbye” to our lovely hotel room and ocean view. We went downstairs to the breakfast buffet and filled up on yummy things at the Cafe Terrace La Tida. We still had a rental car until later that night, and I didn’t want to leave the hotel yet because it was too nice. So we checked  our luggage at the hotel and explored a bit more. This time we walked down to Busena beach.

Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

Busena Marine Park and underwater observatory

There’s also an underwater observatory. You walk on a pier then go down the stairs into a tube under the water. It has round windows on all sides, and you can look outside at all the fishes. There’s also a glass-bottom boat. But the weather was a cloudy and windy, so we didn’t go on the glass-bottom boat. I’ll be back to Okinawa another day though, so we’ll just do it next time. Anyway, I did one last year in a different part of the island.

Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

For lunch, we stayed at the hotel and ate at the Okinawa restaurant, Mahae. My husband ordered deep-fried puffer fish. We shared it, so in the case that one of us dies, we both die. Neither of us died. Finally, we went back to the hotel lobby and said we were leaving. The staff brought our car to us with our luggage already inside. I was sad to leave because the hotel was too nice. So we decided that we should do it again in another five or ten years.

Luxury And Indulgence At Busena Terrace Resort In Okinawa

Takeaways from the Busena Terrace Resort

I must say, my husband and I, but mostly me, are cheap travellers. Even in the short time getting checked and and shown to our room, everything was amazing. We were impressed by the service, the room, the amenities, the hotel, and the view. Maybe we are easy to please. But still, it was a wonderful hotel with lovely service in a perfect beach location. It was a perfect place to celebrate our anniversary.

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The Busena Terrace Resort is in Nago city in Okinawa, Japan. You can reach it from Naha airport in less than two hours. The restaurants, marine park, and Busena beach are open to those who are not guests from the hotel, but be aware some restaurants have a dress code.

What’s the nicest hotel you’ve stayed in?

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Busena Terrace Resort: The Best Resort In Okinawa To Splurge For A Romantic Weekend


  1. Happy anniversary lovebirds! Five years, how lovely. I think you both had the perfect celebration…though puffer fish! Ahahaha I had a good laugh at that thought. I am glad it turned out to be non-fatal. But how does it taste? I am curious. Maybe one day we can be brave and try it too. Btw travellers have to do things on the cheap and I think it is penny wise thinking that allows us to travel and see the world. Here’s to loving each other like there is no tomorrow and travelling alongside. xx

    • I don’t remember what the puffer fish tasted like. It was deep fried, so it tasted like deep fry. 🙂 You’re right about travelling cheap/wise. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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  6. Lovely anniversary celebrations, Jen. To feel pampered thus. I am a cheap traveller too. Silver lining – happiness is within easy reach x

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