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Air travel during a typhoon

Towards the end of my recent trip to Chiang Mai, a typhoon was making its way over Nagoya.

I hadn’t heard this myself, but my husband told me about it when we talked on the phone. On around Friday or Saturday night, it was predicted to be directly over Nagoya the day that I was scheduled to arrive.

I wasn’t actually too worried because I think typhoons can do whatever they want. It might speed up, slow down, change directions, or dissipate without disrupting my travels. Anyway, it was still a few days away.

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However, as it came time to depart, there was talk about what was going on with the typhoon. If it was going to be bad, I would likely be delayed in Bangkok, which would have sucked because I already had a red-eye flight. Unless, it was delayed so long that it was rescheduled until the day time and I could sleep in a hotel. Then it would be better.

On Monday night, my husband told me that he got a half day off work because of the typhoon. Lucky. Apparently it was pretty windy and rainy.

I still wasn’t too worried though.

Then he reminded me, that even if the plane can land, the trains might not be running. This means he wouldn’t be able to pick me up at the airport. Oh no! We always drop off and pick each other up at the airport! I wanted to see him as soon as possible!

Now I was worried.

Just after midnight on Monday, I boarded the plane pretty much on schedule. It wasn’t delayed, so I guess the typhoon had passed Nagoya.

As for the flight itself, it wasn’t any different than a regular flight. There was the regular amount of turbulence, and the landing was normal. No wobbling or bouncing on the runway.

If I didn’t already know I was flying into the tail-end of a typhoon, I wouldn’t have even known.

And I came out the gates to see my handsome husband waiting for me.

However, it seems other flights from the day before had been rescheduled, so the typhoon did disrupt some travel plans on Monday. I was lucky to have just missed it.

Well, we are in the beginning of typhoon season in Japan, so there will likely be more rainy, windy days ahead. No air travel plans though, so nothing to worry about there.

Have you ever experienced air travel during a typhoon, or had a flight delayed because of extreme weather? Share your experiences below!

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Jennifer has lived in Japan for a total of seven years. She has travelled, taught English, studied Japanese, completed a Master's Degree, and travelled some more. She currently calls Nagoya her home, where she lives with her Japanese husband.


  1. I had to change my travel plans once because of a hurricane. I basically slipped in between 2 hurricanes. 😁

    • Between two hurricanes?! That sounds too scary. Glad everything worked out, and you could avoid both of them even if it may have been a bit inconvenient. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Glad to hear you made it back without delay and missed the typhoon. The best bit: To have the husband waiting for you at the end of it all (as you said, always) 🙂 xx

  3. Sometimes you get lucky, but typhoons and hurricanes aren’t anything to mess with! I have twice flown out of New York just ahead of a hurricane, and the first time I had to drive there from North Carolina because planes were already grounded there. Our flight to Turkey may have been the last one out. Then I flew to Helsinki two days early ahead of hurricane Irene – I was already in NY that time.

    In Asia, I once flew into Taiwan just ahead of a typhoon. I had been in South Korea mostly without TV, and the typhoon made a late turn. I was very lucky, I headed for the southwest coast, and the typhoon hit the northeast. I just got some serious wind and rain (had previously thought the howl of the wind was just a metaphor), but a busload of Chinese tourists was swept off the road in the NE and never recovered.

    • Right, definitely not something to mess with. As much as it would suck to have a flight delayed, I think we should all be thankful that we are not flying through dangerous weather. That’s really sad about the bus full of tourists.

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