Oh, hai. How’s it goin’. Let me guess, you’re here because you…

  • Want to travel to Japan and need some inspiration on what to see and do
  • Are looking for tips on how to travel around Japan but don’t know what to expect
  • Are thinking about moving to Japan to work or study
  • Have a curiosity about Japan, simple as that

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But who am I?

My name is Jennifer Stewart. You probably figured out, Stewie is a nickname from my last name. You can call me Jennifer or Stewie. Either is okay.

I’ve been living in Nagoya, Japan for the last five and a half years (and over a year before that) with my awesome and amazing Japanese husband. In that time, I worked as an English teacher for two years before re-studying Japanese for one year, finishing a Master’s Degree and starting a PhD.

At the beginning of 2017, I started a travel blog as a place to write about my adventures around the world. (Did you know I’ve been to 18 countries?) I soon decided to focus solely on travel in Japan because I have much more expertise here than any other country.

And now I want to share my knowledge about traveling and living  in Japan to help you create your best trip and have an awesome short or long-term experience here.

I want you to know that I put a lot of work in to creating the best posts for my blog, including my free resource library, with even more helpful information about traveling and living in Japan and photographing Japan.

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PS – I can’t decide if I should spell “traveller” and “Travelling” with one or two Ls. One L is the preferred US spelling, and two Ls is the preferred UK spelling. Since Canada generally follows UK spelling rules, I guess I’m supposed to stick with two Ls. But somehow, one L looks nicer to me. Alas, I cannot decide, and you will see both on my site. Please forgive my inconsistency.